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Academy Rules

GMA / Rocian Gracie Jr - School Etiquette & Mat Rules:

Note: GMA is a traditional martial arts school and many Gracie schools and martial art schools have similar rules. These rules are in place to maintain a professional family friendly environment and safety for everyone.  Only GMA equipment, T-shirts, MMA shorts, rash-guards and uniforms are allowed on the mats.

Optional : You may wear plain Black MMA shorts with no markings in class but you must wear a GMA Rash Guard or T-shirt in MMA classes and your belt. We require students to wear a GMA rash-guard (Compression Shirt) under their BJJ Kimono / Gi, however if we are out of stock, as an option you may wear a "plain" black or plain white or pink rash-guard.


We understand some people might not like our rules but they are there for everyone to maintain training consistency and a family professional positive atmosphere. 


  • Bow to your coach / professor when you enter the training area.


  • Bow when you exit the training area.


  • Keep a respectful posture in the training area. (No slouching or
 lying down) Please sit or kneel properly.


  • Classes begin with a formal bow to the coaches / professors, with
 students lining up in descending grade order.


  • Classes end with a formal bow of respect to the flags then Grandnaster Carlos Gracie Senior, Rocian Gracie Jr, your professor and other students.

  • All students must check in prior to class.


  • During class, when the coach / professor is demonstrating the
 techniques, every student must sit, kneel or stand in good posture.

  • If you are late for class sit or kneel by the side of the training area and wait for the permission from the Professor to enter class.


  • If you need to leave the mat or leave earlier you must ask your coach / professor.


  • Bow to your partner before and after practice.


  • Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the
 class subject. Do not trash talk other students, coaches or your 
 professor. Trash talking is not productive and at times can get out of control and cause resentment and anger on the mats. Anger and other psychological issues caused by trash talking can causes a mental block and it prevents learning.


  • Absolutely no foul language inside the school.


  • Keep your fingernails and toenails short for everyone’s safety.


  • All MMA students must wear headgear and protective gear in the cage: Head Gear, Groin Cup and Mouth Piece. Chest gear and Shinguards are highly recommended only GMA gear is allowed in class or in the ring.


  • Any open wounds must be covered with a bandage or wrap to prevent serious infections. Any skin conditions must be healed to avoid spreading it to others.

  • If a student is coughing, sneezing or have signs of fever please stay home until you are not showing symptoms. If you attend class with any symptoms you will be asked to return another day for class. Please call the school if you are going to miss a week of classes. Call 615-989-7945


  • All students, Instructors, Professors, must wear the official GMA / Rocian Gracie Jr uniform. The uniform pants and top must be the same color. No other school or outside uniforms are allowed in class. 


  • Under your Kimono / Gi a GMA rash-guard or GMA t-shirt is mandatory to wear the official GMA black Rash Guard or GMA training t-shirt underneath the go / kimono.


  • It is mandatory to have underwear underneath the Gi pants or MMA shorts. For No-Gi Classes, Students must wear official GMA MMA shorts or GMA Jiu-Jitsu Gi pants as well as a GMA Shirt or GMA Rash Guard, and your belt.

  • The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect. Also keep good hygiene and carry some mints.


  • When tying the uniform, students must face the edge of the mats away from the flags and students.


  • The JiuJitsu and MMA belt represents your progress. Keep it on. Refer to non Black Belt instructors as “Coaches”. Refer to Black-Belt instructors as “Professors” and to Rocian Gracie Jr. as “Master”.

  • All metal objects, jewelry, piercing, necklaces and other items should be removed.


  • No shoes, food or drink on the mat. No cell phones in the training mat area. ( If you are on call please keep it silenced or inform your Professor or coach)


  • As a traditional martial art school following the Gracie methods a student can not compete at any BJJ / MMA events without a GMA coach in their corner. We are a team and compete as a team. Team coaches must complete the Safe Sport Coaching Course and MMA Coaching



  • All students and Instructors should wear shoes / slippers when walking outside the building or in the bathroom.


  • Bring your own water bottle, you can fill your water bottle at the
 filtered water machine. You can also purchase water or sport drink in the vending machine.


    Note: Not following school rules can cause a suspension and tuition will still be due as per your student agreement.

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