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GMA Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - Rocian Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes provide an integrated course schedule of learning through martial arts training, cooperation and self-reflection. Spend a little time on our website and if you are interested in learning a higher level of martial arts, contact our family academy to schedule a Free Trial Lesson and to learn more about our exciting programs which can change your life.





About Us:

Professor Konrado  at almost 60 years old began martial arts training at the age of four to try and overcome his anger and health issues. His childhood health issue has caused many struggles in his life, but in his mind, nothing could have steered him away from his main goal: To learn martial arts from the best in each art he studied.

Professor Konrado started training in the 1960s and worked for some of the top grandmaster instructors in the world (Y.K. Kim,  K.S Myung,  S.J. Kim. K.H Lee, Y.M Park,  L.C. Woo, Ajarn Nelson Siyavong, Kwan Shik Myung). He has also traveled overseas to train with and learn from the best. He opened his own academy in Orange County, California in 1991 and ran a successful school with hundreds of students; his studio,under his guidance, eventually grew to 12 national branches, several license schools and several overseas branches. During that time, he continued to learn advanced strategies from top grandmasters like TaeKwonDo Founder/ Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi and other grandmasters like Rhythm Muay Thai Grandmaster Ajarn Nelson Siyavong, Wing Chun Sifu William Vardeman, Kickboxing Champion Don “the Dragon” Wilson, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Expert Master Rocian Gracie, Jr. who is also his close friend and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brother.

In 2012 after teaching and owning multiple successful locations throughout the United States for almost

30 years, KwanJangnim Spillmann with over 55 year experience decided to retire, sell his academies in California, and license out 8 branches. His family decided to move to Gallatin, TN to be closer to family in Castalian Springs, TN.  After a year, Professor Spillmann, due to not training started to gain weight due to those childhood health issues, so he realized he is not yet ready for retirement and can never quit martial arts. His comment was, “I would rather die throwing my last punch or grappling than sit all day and I need martial arts like I need air"

Professor Spillmann and his family believe in changing lives and assisting others in overcoming past issues which can hinder a person’s true potential, the potential and knowledge needed to develop a life champion inside and outside the ring. So his wife, Joanne, and their children, Matthew, Andrew, Kurt, and Ana, decided that it was time to bring their leadership skills and championship knowledge to Gallatin. The GMA academy was formed and opened in 2012. Over the next 10 years, the academy expanded into one of the areas largest elite training centers. Professor Konrado's  oldest son, Matthew, joined the academy after he was honorably discharged from the US Marines.

The MMA program is taught by several coaches and Professor Konrado who was Rocian Gracie, Jr.'s "first" Black Belt. Professor Spillmann earned his Faixa Preta on December 12th, 2000, and who also holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, 7th Degree Black Belt in HapKido, 4th Degree Black Belt in Karate, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo. He additionally holds several rankings in other martial arts. Professor Konrado is a USA TaeKwonDo Coach, Amateur Athletic Coach, and a USA Boxing Coach. He also was a sparring partner for several of Boxing’s greatest world champions. GMA academy is registered with the International JiuJitsu Federation #4746 / USA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, International TaeKwondo Federation (INO 78), USA Boxing, USA TaeKwonDo, and the American Athletic Union. The academy is also SafeSport Certified.

Professor is not new to fighting; he started practicing martial arts in the 1960’s and as a TKD  competitor, he has also won many awards in full contact events; all certifications and awards can be viewed at the academy. As an instructor and trainer over the past 40 years, he has been developing champions including his sons who have won many MMA and Championship events in other styles. Professor Konrado has also traveled to many countries teaching seminars, has worked with law enforcement and military branches, and has taught self-defense and motivational seminars to large organizations and companies and has written several books. He hopes to continue sharing all his knowledge with not just his sons, but his grandchildren, foster children and all of his students.


If you train at GMA, you will become part of our extended martial art family. Family is more than blood and a name; it's the people who stand by you when you need them and who make you laugh and push you until you achieve a higher potential. GMA helps in changing peoples lives and helps motivate people to reach their goals and dreams. No matter the age or health of a person, the only limitations to what can be achieved is "yourself' and your attitude and not persevering through the hurdles which mirror the struggles in life.

Remember, perseverance and dedication helps overcome fear in life and assists in the ring and on the mat. The more a student trains (2-4 times per week), the easier it becomes for a student to overcome life struggles and achieve a higher level.  So, no excuses, “Get on the mat,”  and be the best you can be!

If you would like to view certification, memberships, personal referrals and full background checks (including “Safe Spot” certification) of our staff, we are happy to show anyone the appropriate documentation.”

" Developing the champions of today and the leaders of tomorrow"

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